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The tikal.me Digital Learning Enterprise Mission/Purpose...

Tikal Me Tools

To Equip You With The Tools You Need to participate in a productive and rewarding learning experience as you engage in courses, tutorials, and workshops with us.

Tikal Me Place

To Provide You With A Safe And Inviting Environment where you may explore, discuss, and share meaningful ideas with instructors and fellow students here at tikal.me.

Tikal Me Journey

To Instill The Knowledge Within Your Heart And Mind as you venture forth on your journey of personal exploration and success going forward in life and business.


tikal.me Digital Learning Enterprise

Our Digital Learning Enterprise (DLE) here at tikal.me is not ALL about learning. We like to have a little fun, too, starting with our domain. TIKAL is an acronym for Things I Know and Love, so tikal.me becomes a play on words — when you say “tikal me” it sounds like tickle me. Using .me, which is the top level domain (TLD) for the country of Montenegro, instead of the more common .com, .net, or .biz, is what makes the whole thing hang together, and makes it fun.

But tikal.me is so much more than just a fun domain. It is also a serious, and safe, place to study and learn. It is the culmination of several years of planning and development; hard work which has come together to produce a powerful online learning platform with you, the student, in mind. The Digital Learning Enterprise at tikal.me provides an ever-growing repository of important trainings, courses and workshops. So say, "tikal me" and smile as you explore this website and enjoy your visits to the Digital Learning Enterprise.

Bringing together the courses you want by the professionals you trust.


Sample Audio Tracks From Some Of Our Training Lessons And Workshops

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Enjoy Your Digital Learning Experience

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